Mr Agrawal I telephoned the Park Hospital enquiring about post cataract laser surgery and to my delight it was explained that Mr Agrawal did the pre-assessment and laser surgery at the same appointment. That was an unexpected benefit. My treatment was excellent. Mr Agrawal was very courteous, kind and made me feel very comfortable. Mr Agrawal, thank you for restoring my sight.

BT, May 2022

Dear Mr Agrawal, I would just like to place on record my sincere thanks for your care and kindness regarding the removal of my cataracts. As you know, I have a phobia when it comes to eyes and your reassurance and understanding enabled me to have this procedure. I think it is pretty amazing that, at 80 years old, I can now drive, watch television and carry out day to day activities without spectacles and only need them for reading. Once again thank you so much for giving me my independence back and improved quality of life!

JH, May 2022

Having waited in vain for over 12 months on the NHS waiting list for an ophthalmic outpatient appointment to have laser treatment for clouding of the lens capsule, I decided to have private treatment. I was referred to you by my optician, and was given an appointment to see Mr Agrawal within 2 weeks. At my appointment Mr Agrawal took time to ask about my medical history, and to explain the laser procedure. The treatment was painless, and the result was excellent, my sight was back to the sight I had following my cataract operation. I am delighted with the service I received. It was good to be seen quickly and to be treated by an experienced consultant.

CH, April 2022

I recently had successful cataract surgery at the Spire Hospital Nottingham performed by Mr. Pavi Agrawal. Everything from the initial consultation, to the surgery and follow up meeting was carried out professionally and charmingly by Mr Agrawal. I am delighted with the results. Thank you.

YR, April 2022

As a very nervous patient, I was put at my ease by Mr Agrawal from the first outpatient visit to the completion of the treatment. He was consistently both professional and courteous, explaining everything that was needed to be done to correct the problem and also during the procedures themselves. Both he and his excellent Team worked with true expertise and with great care for me, throughout both procedures. I would be very happy to recommend Mr Agrawal to anyone in need of his expert surgical skills and his courteous & thoughtful approach during an anxious time.

MW, March 2022

In the last few months Mr Agrawal has performed cataract surgery to both my eyes at the Spire Hospital. The operations were a complete success, I am delighted with the results as the improvement to my vision has been so dramatic. It feels like I am viewing the world in High Definition (HD), the colours and details are so precise. I was apprehensive before my first operation, Mr Agrawal and the theatre staff quickly put me at ease with their friendly manner and professional approach. The surgery was quick and painless so I need not have been concerned. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Agrawal and the medical team for all their help. The excellent skill, care and attention show to me before, during and after the operations have been much appreciated and; the results life changing.

SS, March 2022

In November, 2018, I was diagnosed with bilateral normal tension glaucoma. The condition was treated with eye drops until May, 2021, when surgery was suggested to be the best way of bringing my intraocular pressures under control. The pressures at this time were 21 mmHg and 24 mmHg in the right and left eyes respectively. The pressures were not stable and I was likely to suffer further loss of visual field if I continued to rely on the eye drops. I decided to see Mr Agrawal at the Park Hospital, Arnold. My first appointment was in June 2021. Mr Agrawal explained clearly and patiently that Preserflo Implants were most suitable for my condition and I was duly treated in the Autumn of 2021. At my last appointment in January, 2022, Mr Agrawal was very pleased with the implants and he recorded intraocular pressures of 9mmHg and 11mmHg in the right and left eye respectively. At all times, Mr Agrawal has been most gracious and reassuring. It has been a privilege to be under his care.

CM, February 2022

I cannot praise highly enough the treatment and care I received from Pavi Agrawal today (YAG capsulotomy). His calm and friendly demeanour instantly put me at ease and every step of my procedure was clearly explained and expertly carried out.

JH, February 2022

Dear Mr Agrawal, I was treated as a private patient at the Park hospital Arnold recently. As an extremely nervous patient, Mr Agrawal treated me with the upmost kindness, patience and courtesy. The Laser eye surgery, which was for Narrow drainage angles in both eyes and the aftercare I received, were excellent and I cannot thank him enough! I would highly recommend Mr Agrawal ! Thank you again !

RS, January 2022

Dear Mr Agrawal, Thank you for giving me back my near-perfect sight; you made both operations so straight forward and this helped me to overcome the inevitable worry about having my eyes operated on.

AM, January 2022

After NHS cataract removal I developed posterior capsule opacification . The waiting time for laser treatment on the NHS is many weeks and , as I am self employed , rather than wait Chose a private provider for the laser treatment. I cannot praise my treatment enough. Mr Agrawal was courteous, punctual and extremely efficient. The laser treatment was quick , painless and effective my eyesight returning over a few hours to what it was after the cataract operation.

AY, December 2021

I was shocked to learn that during lockdown my cataracts had become bad enough to affect my ability to drive so I consulted Mr Agrawal to rectify my vision. He was able to see me very quickly and , following a thorough examination, confirmed that my cataracts could be removed. Within two weeks my first eye was dealt with. The improvement in vision was transformational and I was able to resume driving. I asked for the same procedure for my other eye and the overall improvement was literally life enhancing. I have worn glasses since childhood and now I no longer need them except for reading. Mr Agrawal was helpful, sympathetic and professional at all times. He explained precisely the operation and outlined the risks involved. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

JW, December 2021

Dear Mr Agrawal, I had YAG laser treatment for PCO last week at the Park in Nottingham. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome. Initially I thought the appointment was just for an assessment but you were able to carry out the treatment during my visit. This was so convenient as it meant I did not need any further time away from work. It was amazing to see the improvement to my vision straight after treatment, which continued to improve on the journey home. I am now able to resume my hobbies of crafting and reading. More importantly I am no longer having to plan for stopping work due to my poor eyesight. You have given me my life back .

LB, November 2021

I have recently had cataract surgery performed by Mr Agrawal and I am delighted with the result. After being short-sighted for most of my life, I can now see well without distance glasses. Mr Agrawal impressed me as an ophthalmic surgeon. He and the theatre staff at the BMI Park Hospital treated me with kindness and consideration throughout the initial and follow-up consultations, and explained what was happening throughout the procedures and put me entirely at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Agrawal to anyone considering cataract surgery.

YT, October 2021

Mr Agrawal did an excellent and skilled procedure with my cataract surgery. I had been waiting a long time for the procedure and was happy to have a referral to him. Mr Agrawal explained everything to me in a detailed and clear manner, that made my decision to go ahead with the operation easier. He was also kind,friendly and a consummate professional.I recovered well and have derived great benefit from the cataract procedure.

MR, October 2021

Mr Agrawal performed cataract surgery on my right eye in July 2021. He put me at my ease before, during and after the operation, and was empathetic throughout, with excellent communication skills. He has a friendly, courteous and professional approach, which inspires total confidence. It was noticeable also that he enjoys excellent relations with his colleagues in the operating theatre. My surgery was successful; his knowledge and skill were never in doubt and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Agrawal to friends or family members.

BG, September 2021

After recent cataract surgery with Mr Agrawal I am very happy to say that the experience was not at all scary or painful ( as anticipated ! ) and the outcome - just amazing. I had some pre and post op anxieties and questions which Mr Agrawal answered fully, clearly and frankly, which was so reassuring. Consequently I now have every confidence that, with his skill and the care of the outpatient staff at Spire, the necessary treatment of my other eye will be the same positive experience and outcome that this one has been, for which I am so grateful to Pavi Agrawal.

PT, August 2021

I was referred for possible laser treatment. Everything was explained in detail - it was good to be treated as an intelligent being. The treatment took less than ten minutes, was completely painless and entirely successful. I couldn't be happier.

EH, July 2021

Dear Mr Agrawal, I would like to say a big thank you for my YAG capsulotomy. I am now able to read my newspaper, see the bright television screen and see the birds in my garden. Thank you.

JS, June 2021

Thank you so very much Mr Agrawal for the excellent results of my two cataract operations. You were friendly and understanding as well as explaining clearly to me what was involved. I am now confident in the future and my driving ability, as well as delighted that my colour vision is clearer - important as I am an artist.

JF, June 2021

Mr Pavi Agrawal was both highly professional and very reassuring, right through from my initial consultation, the actual procedure and the post-operative check-up. Highly skilled and knowledgeable, I felt very comfortable as at every stage he was able to explain the process. The procedure itself was quick and painless and at all times I felt in safe hands. Having now had two cataract operations carried out, I am delighted with the result and can now enjoy full and clear vision in both eyes. Mr Agrawal is a most personable young surgeon with an easy manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending him!

AC, June 2021

Knowing that the waiting list for the NHS we’re getting longer and my poor mother’s sight was deteriorating, we contacted Mr Pavi Agrawal and within a week my mother was seen to carry out her YAG capsulotomy procedure. The whole experience was fantastic for my mother from start to finish and we cannot praise enough how well she was treated, from making sure that someone could go in with her. We cannot thank you enough Mr Agrawal, for your fantastic care.

IM, May 2021

I was advised to see Mr Agrawal by a local optician, re a cataract that I have had for 30+ years. I have been told it would never be removed. Mr Agrawal was able to remove it and I now have my sight back in that eye. He was gentle, knowledgeable and professional. I cannot thank him enough and would recommend him without hesitation.

MS, May 2021

Thanks Pavi for your skillful care. These operations have been life changing for me. I know you'll just say you were doing your job, but I really appreciate the way you have done it. You listened to me really well, explained all my options and helped me make the right decisions for me. I felt treated with sensitivity and kindness, and for all you have done. I'm extremely grateful.

LS, April 2021

My sight is dependent to a very considerable extent on my left eye. Effectively, it is my only good eye. As the cataract in this eye worsened it became evident that an operation was necessary. For this, I had no hesitation in choosing Mr Pavi Agrawal to carry this out. A leading cataract surgeon, Mr Agrawal is not only highly professional with quite exceptional expertise, he is also very approachable, friendly and caring. He puts you at ease, discusses everything with you and keeps you fully informed throughout the process. I had the operation just over two weeks ago. It was completely successful and already my vision has improved immensely. I recommend Mr Agrawal without reservation.

DW, April 2021

How do you adequately thank someone who has given you back your life? I had chosen not to drive a few years ago, knowing I was a danger to myself and others due to my cataracts. I gave up reading almost three years ago because of my poor vision. This was truly 'self isolation' and it had serious effects on me as a fully living individual. Both I and my optometrist grew frustrated at this situation and he referred me to Mr. Agrawal. After so many years I was concerned that my condition had deteriorated beyond hope. But I was wrong! Mr. Agrawal kindly, carefully and thoroughly examined me. He was reassuring and confident he could help. Now after cataract surgery on both eyes, I am no longer isolated within myself. I can now enjoy books with simple reading glasses bought off the shelf at Boots. I can now drive without any sort of corrective lenses for the first time since 1966. And the richness if the colours is simply amazing! There is simply no way I can thank Mr. Agrawal enough for his kindness, expertise, and reassurance. But each day when I marvel at how clearly I can see, I do indeed thank him! To those reading this, please - for your own quality of life - contact Mr. Agrawal!

EW, March 2021

A highly professional and competent initial consultation, followed by my cataract procedure shortly afterwards. At all times during my procedure I felt comfortable and in safe hands. Mr Agrawal at all times kept me fully informed and engaged in informative discussion and conclusion with me regarding my treatment. I could not fault any aspect of my experience whatsoever and would most certainly recommend Mr Agrawal to anyone considering this procedure. At sometime in the future I will require same treatment on my other eye and will not hesitate to engage Mr Agrawal.

NG, March 2021

By the time I had the courage to book my initial appointment for cataract surgery, my eyesight was pretty poor due to cataracts in both eyes. From the outset, I found Mr Agrawal very knowledgeable and answered my many questions putting my mind at ease. I had cataract surgery in each eye, August 2020 and October 2020. The surgery on each occasion was quick and painless and now my vision in each eye is perfect, having worn glasses for over 35 years. This has been a life changing experience given the fantastic results achieved. Mr Agrawal is a skilful surgeon and I would highly recommend him.

DR, February 2021

In the last few months Mr Agrawal has successfully performed cataract surgery to both my eyes at the Spire Hospital. His work from first consultation through to the recent post operative check has been professional and reassuring. Aside from his very obvious surgical skills his ability to put me at my ease and clearly explain the process at each stage was critical. I now have excellent distance vision without glasses for the first time for 60 years and am delighted with the outcome. I have already recommended him to a friend and would unreservedly do so again.

MT, February 2021

My first experience of private medicine and Pavi Agrawal was as the result of an unfeasibly long NHS waiting list for a cataract operation. Mr Agrawal was recommended by an NHS colleague of his, knowing that he regularly practised at The Spire. Within a few weeks Mr Agrawal had conducted an in-depth assessment of my eye condition and arranged an operating date. He gave me a detailed description of my problem, thoughtfully in laymen’s terms, and told how he would correct my sight. Mr Agrawal is a most personable young man, who has an easy and reassuring approach toward his patients, seems liked and respected by his team.

JC, January 2021

I was put forward for a cataract operation through the NHS in February, but by late August it was apparent that any operation would not be possible till late 2021 at best. As an alternative, my optician recommended Mr Agrawal, and within a month I had both the consultation and the operation. Mr Agrawal put me at ease through every stage, consultation, operation and post-op check up, in a very professional, but friendly way. It was money very well spent, as I am more than satisfied with the result. When the other eye worsens to the extent that needs operating on, I will be happy to use the services of Mr Agrawal again. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Agrawal, or his team at The Park Hospital. My sincere thanks.

AT, December 2020

Mr. Agrawal has performed cataract operations on both my eyes over the past six weeks. The operations were 100% successful. Mr. Agrawal's professionalism is not only evident in his work, but also in his manner of dealing with his patient. He is kind, thoughtful and caring - a perfect gentleman. I was fortunate to have him as my surgeon.

MG, December 2020

Excellent experience and care from original consultation, surgery and follow up. I would highly recommend Mr Agrawal

JMcA, November 2020

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Agrawal. The excellent skill, care and attention shown to me before, during and after my recent left eye cataract operation have been much appreciated. I now have perfect distance vision in both eyes and am delighted that I only need reading glasses.

JM, November 2020

Mr Agrawal recently undertook cataract surgery on my left eye at the Spire Hospital. I would recommend Mr Agrawal and the staff at the Spire Hospital without reservation. My eyesight in my left eye has been fully restored and I no longer have to reply on glasses for driving. I can’t thank Mr Agrawal and the Spire enough for their professionalism and the caring way they looked after me.

SH, October 2020

Dear Mr Agrawal, Thank you so much for your kind and skilful care. The cataract operation is obviously very successful and the care I received at The Park Hospital as an outpatient and day patient was excellent. The whole procedure was as stress-free as it could possibly be. I look forward to your continuing care of my eye health.

VW-L, October 2020

Good Afternoon Mr Agrawal, following the cataract surgery you performed on my left eye recently, I cannot thank you enough for restoring my eyesight to a level I didn't think possible. Your professionalism, quiet & calm manner, together with straightforward answers to my questions, gave me the confidence I needed to have the operation under Sedation rather than General Anaesthetic. I am grateful also to your team at the Park Hospital and especially your Anaesthetist, for all their help. Thank you again.

CW, September 2020

Can I thank all the staff at The Park Hospital and especially Mr Pavi Agrawal for a most well performed cataract operation on my right eye. I can confidently recommend my satisfaction, it was money well spent.

DD, September 2020

Eighteen months ago I underwent two procedures at the QMC to remove cataracts from my eyes; Approximately one year later I began to notice increasing difficulty in focusing, and my less-than-perfect vision when driving was worrying. A few minutes with Google indicated that I was suffering from ‘opacification’ (blurring) of the lens. This condition was confirmed by my optician (and is a very common outcome from cataract operations). Because my vision was by now quite deficient I decided to ‘go private’. I was quickly given an appointment with Mr Pavi Agrawal at The Park Hospital, who was recommended by my optician. At our meeting he examined both of my eyes and informed me that not only was my left eye badly affected by opacification but my right eye had also begun to deteriorate and would inevitably degrade still further. I had both eyes treated by Mr Agrawal at that same appointment. The experience was not painful whatsoever. Throughout the appointment and procedure Mr Agrawal treated me with quiet seriousness and great care. I find myself now with focused and accurate vision which, hopefully, will last me the rest of my days. I recommend that anyone with the same symptoms as mine should contact Mr Agrawal if blurring of their post-cataract vision becomes noticeable.

NS, August 2020

I was pleased to attend a consultation today with Mr Agrawal. He identified that I had PCO (Posterior Capsular Opacification) which is a common occurrence in post cataract surgery, I literally could not read any letters on the standard eye test chart with my affected eye, my visual acuity was poor. Within the space of 20 minutes Mr Agrawal had performed the YAG laser capsulotomy, The procedure is painless and I would recommend that anyone who's visual acuity has deteriorated since having cataract surgery to get checked for PCO. Following the procedure I could instantly read to the 4-5 lines on the eye chart, after 8 hours I would say that my vision has been restored to the way it was post cataract surgery. Mr Agrawal clearly explained the diagnosis, the outcomes and perfectly executed the procedure. So, a BIG thank you, you have significantly improved my quality of live today.

AG, July 2020

I would like to record how very pleased I am with my YAG Laser treatment by Mr. Pavi Agrawal, in June 2020 at the Park Hospital. He explained the procedures step by step which soon put me at my ease. The laser treatment has been a great success and I am truly thankful!

AM, July 2020

Mr Agrawal carried out a minor operation on my eye. He (and the team at the Spire hospital in Tollerton) put me completely at ease, making the whole procedure as stress free and efficient as possible. They even managed to fit me in for the operation the same day as my initial appointment. I was pleasantly surprised just how comfortable and pain free the procedure was, with only slight post-op swelling and bruising, and best of all, no post-op pain! I'd wholeheartedly recommend Mr Agrawal and the team at the Spire.

SS, March 2020

I have recently undergone the surgical removal of cataracts in both eyes. The operations were carried out by Mr Pavi Agrawal. I would like to register my complete satisfaction with the care and professionalism of Mr Agrawal and his team. I am absolutely delighted with the results of the treatment provided and wish to record my sincere thanks for all his efforts.

JM, February 2020

I have recently had a cataract removed at BMI The Park Hospital by Mr Pavi Agrawal. I am very pleased with the outcome and more than satisfied with the efficiency of the procedure and the attention received.

SB, February 2020

I cannot praise Mr Agrawal highly enough. I received a very professional and considerate service right from the initial pre-op consultation, all the way through to the post-op consultation. He explained everything that would be involved with my procedure (Cataract surgery), addressing all of my concerns and giving me great confidence in his capability. This all resulted in a very successful outcome. Thank you so much.

RW, January 2020

I recently had cataract surgery done by Mr Agrawal and I am delighted with the outcome. After needing glasses for the past 40 or so years and living with the gradual deterioration particularly over the past couple of years when my cataracts began to take hold the results are truly amazing. I had forgotten what good visibility really was. Thank you so much!

RB, January 2020

I should like to thank Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr P Agrawal for the first class treatment provided by him from the initial consultation through to the painless cataract removal and lens implants in both of my eyes. He has an excellent, approachable manner and was very informative at all stages of the procedure. The improvement in my eyesight, both in clarity and colour perception, exceeded my expectations and could hardly have been bettered.

JD, December 2019

Thank you Mr Agrawal, for the treatment I received during my consultations in October/ November, two operations and follow up meetings. The result is very good now that the eyes have settled down with much improved longer sight. Throughout the process I believe I received excellent treatment from yourself and the whole medical team at The Spire Hospital, Nottingham.

JG, November 2019

I chose Mr Agrawal for my consultant from his excellent qualifications and experience as well as his friendly smile on the website. I was most grateful not only for having the laser surgery (YAG capsulotomy) completed on the same day as the consultation, but because I was put at ease by his friendly,informal manner. Mr Agrawal also took time to answer my questions in a way that I was able to understand.I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Mr Agrawal, as I can now see the autumn colours in all their beauty. The only problem is I can now see all the housework I’ve been neglecting too!

HC, November 2019

Having recently had my surgery by yourself (Mr Agrawal) may I say thank you. Your care and professionalism has restored what was a very cloudy view of the world, to me being able to see clearly. Having waited for 6 months for the NHS to provide this service, you were prompt, thorough and friendly. I would personally recommend this procedure and you to any of my friends and acquaintances.

LL, October 2019

I thank Mr Agrawal so much for his hard work, professionalism and excellent care he provided me. The cataract surgery was without any discomfort, and appears to be successful because I am already seeing great improvement in the vision. I will be happy to recommend you to my friends and anybody who may need cataract surgery.

PT, September 2019

I recently needed to see a consultant ophthalmologist in connection with glaucoma and cataract removal assessment, and chose Mr Agrawal because of his impressive first class qualifications. I subsequently saw him at the Spire Hospital Nottingham in connection with both matters. I have recently completed treatment having cataract removal on both eyes. The result is absolute clarity and complete comfort in both eyes, under impressive operative conditions. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Agrawal and do so.

BC, September 2019

My Mother (who is 88 years old ) was recently under the superb care of Mr Agrawal. The whole process from the initial consultation to the final discharge was absolutely seamless. We are truly grateful to Mr Agrawal for restoring my Mother’s vision .Mr Agrawal was so kind and caring during every visit - he made my Mother feel totally at ease. Our heartfelt thanks from all the family - but especially from my Mother whose quality of life has been restored.

AC, August 2019

I found my recent cataract operation very satisfactory in every respect. I was extremely nervous beforehand but I found Mr Agrawal both sympathetic and reassuring. All in all, I was delighted with my treatment.

SK, August 2019

I had a consultation with Mr Agrawal in June for reassurance regarding my eye pressure, and advice regarding further treatment. I would say that the consultation was well worth it, he gave a thorough examination of my eyes and explained in great detail the options available to me.

HL, June 2019

I was greatly impressed by Mr Agrawal's calm, unhurried and reassuring approach. He managed to fit in appointments and surgery around a tight timescale. Have an excellent result from cataract surgery.

LP, June 2019

I would like to thank Mr Pavi Agrawal for the cataract surgery on both of my eyes. It was very successful and my eyesight has improved such a lot. He is a very courteous and pleasant man and nothing is too much trouble . He explained everything he was going to do in detail , and all his staff are extremely kind and caring.

LE, June 2019

My consultation with Mr. Agrawal began in October 2018 when I had my left eye cataract removed.This was more complex than usual but the follow up appointments gave me reassurance and confidence. Mr. Agrawal’s surgical skill prompted me to also have the cataract in my right eye removed in March 2019.I was apprehensive but the personal care and understanding I received made the over all experience a pleasant one.My sight is still improving and I would certainly recommend Mr Agrawal to my relatives and friends should they require any kind of eye treatment.

AS, May 2019

Mr Agrawal carried out laser treatment on my right eye at the QMC. The service was first class! I can only say thank you once again.

BP, April 2019

I have been and still am consulting Mr Agrawal regarding a problem with my right eye. He has always been most pleasant, kind and courteous and has a very caring attitude, which often goes beyond that normally encountered. I have no hesitation in recommending him to patients with eye problems.

PW, April 2019

My Glaucoma was diagnosed about 30 years ago. During this time I have had excellent treatment at the QMC. During the latter years Mr Agrawal has been my consultant. I have nothing but praise for him. I am no longer in my youth and have experienced a number of medical procedures so I am well placed to comment. These include successful procedures for both cataracts and a trabeculectomy carried out by Mr Agrawal. Leading up to these operations there were detailed, calm explanations and the post-operative care was excellent. If there were to be another operation I would be delighted if Mr Agrawal was the Consultant Surgeon. He is very well qualified with exceptional experience. His manner is quietly confident; he listens and I know that he has my best interests at heart.

AH, February 2019

I am very grateful to Mr Agrawal for restoring my sight to a perfect condition, following a misting problem arising to an eye-lens replacement dating back to 2014. He quickly identified the cause and exact nature of the problem and treated this condition with a specialised laser procedure which took less than 30 minutes to complete, pleasingly with no pain or discomfort. Mr Agrawal also advised me, although not yet requiring treatment, that I had a very early stage cataract in my other eye, about which I will not hesitate to consult with him again, in the future.

JA, February 2019

The onset of a small cataract in my right eye had drastically altered the prescription such that my contact lens was rendered useless. To add to the problems I suffer from substantial astigmatism in both eyes. Mr Agrawal's expert use of toric type lenses, accurately located in each eye, has restored my vision to near perfect, now being able to read the bottom line on the test chart. Mr Agrawal performed both operations efficiently and quickly, with no after effects and an almost immediate ability to see clearly and carry on with my daily life. Kind regards, and thank you once again.

AW, January 2019

I was fortunate enough to be treated by Mr P Agrawal who successfully undertook a YAG capsulotomy. Following my initial appointment, the laser treatment was quickly arranged and carried out with an immediate improvement to my vision quality.

KW, December 2018

I recently attended the Spire Hospital, Nottingham for cataract surgery under the care of Mr Agrawal. Each step within the process went smoothly, from my first consultation through to aftercare. Mr Agrawal is personable, approachable, and took the time to explain everything clearly. My eyesight has improved immeasurably as a result, and I am delighted with the outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Agrawal, and would be happy to return into his care in the future should this be required.

LK, December 2018

Following years of having to use eye drops three times a day Mr Agrawal performed a trabeculectomy operation on both my eyes. I am delighted to say that following successful results, I no longer have to use eye drops! I would recommend this operation to anyone with similar problems.

JS, November 2018

I selected Mr Agrawal to carry out my cataract surgery from the list of Bupa approved surgeons. His treatment has been excellent and he has a very reassuring and friendly manner. Over a period of 6 weeks he replaced the lenses in both eyes and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Having worn glasses constantly for the past 30 years I now have excellent distance vision and only need to wear glasses for reading fine print.

RG, October 2018

Having been referred to Mr Agrawal, I found him to be competent, informative and reassuring. My eye condition coupled with previous procedures resulted in Mr Agrawal recommending tube surgery for one eye and a trabeculectomy for the other. He fully explained why he had made that decision and the likely outcomes as my situation was more complex than normal. He successfully corrected my eye pressures and it was a pleasure to witness his calm approach throughout the whole experience. I would definitely recommend him.

ME, Sept 2018

Dear Mr Agrawal, Thank you for examining and treating me recently. You were very understanding and caring and I felt in safe hands. You explained my condition in simple terms that I could understand and explained the treatment you recommended in a clear and professional manner. It was extremely helpful that you were able to carry out the treatment straight away and I am sure that I will enjoy the benefit once my eye has settled down. Thank you for your help.

HS, August 2018

I took my frail 89 year old mother to see Pavi for private cataract surgery at the Spire Hospital. Excellent professional service from initial consultation through to the surgery and aftercare. Pavi was very caring, reassuring and supportive to her throughout the whole process with great results. A highly recommended consultant with the added bonus of a great hospital and staff.

WM, August 2018

I am extremely grateful to Mr Agrawal for restoring my sight to a perfect condition following a more complex than is common cataract condition. His excellent surgical ability is matched by his patient-focussed approach, taking time to ensure I understood everything at each stage which I found extremely reassuring. Thank you so much!

IS, July 2018

I saw Mr Agrawal for private cataract surgery. He was very professional from start to finish and I was very happy with the outcome. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I was also very happy with the service I received from the hospital staff

CK, June 2018

Dear Mr Agrawal, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of my father for his recent cataract operation. It's been a huge success and we will have no worries about seeing you for his other eye

VS, May 2018

I sought Pavi Agrawal’s advice privately after becoming worried and uncertain how to manage my glaucoma and wanting more detailed guidance on the options. In the first consultation he explained the various options (medication, SLT, trabeculectomy surgery) very thoroughly and started me on new drops. He encouraged me to contact him directly in case of any difficulties, and when I did contact him he immediately responded with helpful and reassuring advice and a quick follow-up appointment. I have been really impressed by his open and approachable manner, his clear explanations and his thoughtful and supportive approach. He has helped me make decisions and given me greater confidence in how to manage my condition

EH, October 2017

I have seen Mr Agrawal regularly since July 2017 with suspected glaucoma. As a very anxious patient seeking answers and treatment, I am only too pleased to recommend Mr Agrawal for his patience and advice. His support and reassurances have been invaluable

PL, October 2017

After a number of years of being treated for glaucoma it is a great comfort for me to finally have my eyes looked after by someone as competent and reassuring as Mr Agrawal. His positive interventions retained the site in my eyes on two differing occasions. I would not hesitate to highly recommend him as a consultant or surgeon

GS, March 2017

I recently had cataract surgery carried out by Mr Agrawal. I had first class treatment throughout and am thrilled by the result. Thank you

JC, Jan 2017

Mr Agrawal, many thanks for all the teaching, support and guidance you have given me over the past six months

Junior Doctor, Dec 2016

I write to thank you so very much for carrying out cataract surgery on both of my eyes. The results have been amazing, with a huge improvement in my vision and now without the need for spectacles for normal sight – I have been wearing spectacles for 50 years and the effect is so amazing as I no longer have to wear spectacles to see things clearly

LF, Dec 2016

I have very advanced glaucoma, and it is only through Mr Agrawal's passion, skill and endeavour have I been able to see for so long. I am very grateful to him and his team

VR, Jan 2017

Thank you for looking after me on the day of my cataract operation Mr Agrawal. I was full of nerves, but you calmed me down and reassured me. I feel so spoilt with the treatment!

GW, Feb 2017