Following years of having to use eye drops three times a day Mr Agrawal performed a trabeculectomy operation on both my eyes. I am delighted to say that following successful results, I no longer have to use eye drops! I would recommend this operation to anyone with similar problems.

JS, November 2018

I selected Mr Agrawal to carry out my cataract surgery from the list of Bupa approved surgeons. His treatment has been excellent and he has a very reassuring and friendly manner. Over a period of 6 weeks he replaced the lenses in both eyes and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Having worn glasses constantly for the past 30 years I now have excellent distance vision and only need to wear glasses for reading fine print.

RG, October 2018

Having been referred to Mr Agrawal, I found him to be competent, informative and reassuring. My eye condition coupled with previous procedures resulted in Mr Agrawal recommending tube surgery for one eye and a trabeculectomy for the other. He fully explained why he had made that decision and the likely outcomes as my situation was more complex than normal. He successfully corrected my eye pressures and it was a pleasure to witness his calm approach throughout the whole experience. I would definitely recommend him.

ME, Sept 2018

Dear Mr Agrawal, Thank you for examining and treating me recently. You were very understanding and caring and I felt in safe hands. You explained my condition in simple terms that I could understand and explained the treatment you recommended in a clear and professional manner. It was extremely helpful that you were able to carry out the treatment straight away and I am sure that I will enjoy the benefit once my eye has settled down. Thank you for your help.

HS, August 2018

I took my frail 89 year old mother to see Pavi for private cataract surgery at the Spire Hospital. Excellent professional service from initial consultation through to the surgery and aftercare. Pavi was very caring, reassuring and supportive to her throughout the whole process with great results. A highly recommended consultant with the added bonus of a great hospital and staff.

WM, August 2018

I am extremely grateful to Mr Agrawal for restoring my sight to a perfect condition following a more complex than is common cataract condition. His excellent surgical ability is matched by his patient-focussed approach, taking time to ensure I understood everything at each stage which I found extremely reassuring. Thank you so much!

IS, July 2018

I saw Mr Agrawal for private cataract surgery. He was very professional from start to finish and I was very happy with the outcome. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I was also very happy with the service I received from the hospital staff

CK, June 2018

Dear Mr Agrawal, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of my father for his recent cataract operation. It's been a huge success and we will have no worries about seeing you for his other eye

VS, May 2018

I sought Pavi Agrawal’s advice privately after becoming worried and uncertain how to manage my glaucoma and wanting more detailed guidance on the options. In the first consultation he explained the various options (medication, SLT, trabeculectomy surgery) very thoroughly and started me on new drops. He encouraged me to contact him directly in case of any difficulties, and when I did contact him he immediately responded with helpful and reassuring advice and a quick follow-up appointment. I have been really impressed by his open and approachable manner, his clear explanations and his thoughtful and supportive approach. He has helped me make decisions and given me greater confidence in how to manage my condition

EH, October 2017

I have seen Mr Agrawal regularly since July 2017 with suspected glaucoma. As a very anxious patient seeking answers and treatment, I am only too pleased to recommend Mr Agrawal for his patience and advice. His support and reassurances have been invaluable

PL, October 2017

After a number of years of being treated for glaucoma it is a great comfort for me to finally have my eyes looked after by someone as competent and reassuring as Mr Agrawal. His positive interventions retained the site in my eyes on two differing occasions. I would not hesitate to highly recommend him as a consultant or surgeon

GS, March 2017

I recently had cataract surgery carried out by Mr Agrawal. I had first class treatment throughout and am thrilled by the result. Thank you

JC, Jan 2017

Mr Agrawal, many thanks for all the teaching, support and guidance you have given me over the past six months

Junior Doctor, Dec 2016

I write to thank you so very much for carrying out cataract surgery on both of my eyes. The results have been amazing, with a huge improvement in my vision and now without the need for spectacles for normal sight – I have been wearing spectacles for 50 years and the effect is so amazing as I no longer have to wear spectacles to see things clearly

LF, Dec 2016

I have very advanced glaucoma, and it is only through Mr Agrawal's passion, skill and endeavour have I been able to see for so long. I am very grateful to him and his team

VR, Jan 2017

Thank you for looking after me on the day of my cataract operation Mr Agrawal. I was full of nerves, but you calmed me down and reassured me. I feel so spoilt with the treatment!

GW, Feb 2017